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We provide regular tour packages or on client request all tour service for Borobudur Tour

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stupas in borobudurTrevelling to Indonesia to visit the most important Buddhist temple in the world BOROBUDUR TEMPLE, it's needed the reliable and accurate information direct from where the Borobudur is. Borobudur Tour Information BOROBUDURTOUR.INFO Managed by Borobudur Holiday provides the special tour information service how visit easier BOROBUDUR TEMPLE, published directly from Yogyakarta/Jogja, nearest city from BOROBUDUR TEMPLE. All the tour arrangements with visit Borobudur will better if it's begun from Yogyakarta.
BOROBUDUR TEMPLE was built during the golden age of Syailendra Dynasty, sometime in the beginning of the 8th century.The word BOROBUDUR is believed to mean monastery on a hill. It is derived from the words baram and buduhur. Bara is from Sangskrit word Vihara meaning a complex of temples monasteries or dormitories, Beduhur is a old Javanese word meaning above. BOROBUDUR TEMPLE was built on a small hill in the Kedu Basin, a rich, fertile valley surrounded by the spectacular volcanoes. To the East lies Merapi and Merbabu and to the North lies Sumbing and Sindoro.The unsual jagged Menoreh Hills encircle the temple to South and West. The temple is also located near the meeting place of two rivers, the Elo and the Progo, these rivers are believed to be symbolic of Gangga and Yamuna, two rivers feeding the Indus valley in India. We get a sense of the grandness of the landscape when we rise to final terrace of the monument wich opens up into 360 degrees view of the magnificent valley.
The BOROBUDUR TEMPLE building is divided into three worlds according to Buddhist cosmology:
Kamadhatu (The bottom level of the BOROBUDUR TEMPLE)
The phenomenal world, the world of desires.The reliefs of base level, Kamadhatu were covered up with an extra wall before they were completely finished. There are two theories for the additional wall:
1.The entire structure began to slide and needed support.
2.Perhaps the explicit material on the reliefs was considered too revealing for the young Buddhist initiates.
During the Japanese occupation part of the wall was removed exposing reliefs from the Karmawinggha, an ancient Tibetan text that discusses good and bad deeds and their consequences.These oerticular reliefs can be reviewed on the southeast corner.
Rupadhatu (The Second Level of the BOROBUDUR TEMPLE)
buddha in borobudurA transitional sphere where humans are released from their corporeal from and worldly concerns.The Rupadhatu begins with the first terrace. Turning to the left down corridor we see on the main wall reliefs from the Lalitawistara text, a sanskrit manuscript which depicts Buddha's life. In brief the story is as follow: Prince Shidarta, the founder of Buddhism, was born in the Lumbini garden in Nepal. His father was a great king. His mother, Maya Devi, died a week after his birth. Prince Sidarta led a very secluded life. When he reached adulthood he married Princess Gopa. One day he had a vision: he saw four figures that represented aspect of life he had never experienced or imagined: a blind old man, a sick man, a died man and a monk. Having experienced this, the Prince was inspired to leave the palace in search of wisdom. He became Wanapratha or a hermit wandeder and studied under famous teachers: Brahmani, Rudraka Aradakalapa and five famous hermits. Despite their teacher he was still unsatisfied. Prince Sidharta practised his onwn way, that is middle path or madyamika. Finally he medittated under Boddhi tree in Bodhgaya town and attained Buddhahood. After his enlightenment he was named Buddha Gautama.
visit borobudur In the Rupadhatu there are also small Buddha statues in niches in the balustrades of the four terrace. On the first terrace there are Manushi Buddhas who have manifested themselves in the world. Each directional point is protected by a Manushi Buddha: Knakanmuni to the South, Kacyapa to the West, Cakvanmuni to the East and Maitreya to the North. On the three highther terrace are Dyani Buddhas or meditative Buddhas. They can be distinguished from one and other by the position of their hands referred to as mudra. On the east wall: Buddha Akcobya with his palm turned down ward calling the spirit of the earth to witness his victory over evil spirits, and to witness his inner strength (Bhumisparca mudra). On the South wall: Buddha Ratnasambhawa with his palm open, showing giving blessing (Wara Mudra). On the north wall: Buddha Amogghasidha with his raised palm, showing his immunity to danger (Abhwa Mudra). On the fifth terrace: Buddha Wairocana with a circular finger gesture which indicated giving instruction with an honest and pure heart. (Witarka Mudra). In total there are 504 Buddha statues. Buddha wears a cassock consisting of there part two of wich are visible: an outer garment that leaves his right shoulder bare and an undergarment that is visible at his legs.

Arupadhatu (The third level of BOROBUDUR TEMPLE)
Visit Borobudur Templein Central Java of Indonesia The sphere of Gods the spere of perfection and anlightenment. As we ascend the monument, reading the stories and climbing the terraces we will pas six achways. Before the final laevel, The Arupadhatu, we must pass through a double archway between the third and fourth terrace. These are called the double gates of Nirwikala. After passing through these gates our body leaves it corporeal form. Rupadhatu and enters the world of formeless spirit, Arupadhatu. The Nirwikala is the final door leading to the supreme final reality of Buddhisme. The most achitecturally complete archway is found on the side of monument. Once we enter the Arupadahtu we experdience a more spacious and open feeling, different from the confining rectangular corridors of the terraces bellow. Before us are three circulation terraces. Geometrically arranged on terrace are 72 lattices dagobs (small stupa shaped structures) containing Buddha Vajrasatwa statues. The philosophy behind these enccased Buddha is complex and not yet fully undestood. Perhaps the lattice structure representes a seive-like boundary separating the world of form and that of formelessness. Notice that the holes on the first two terraces are diamond shaped but the last terrace hole are square. There is a legend that says if you can reach in and touch the cloth of the Buddha near the east stairway whatever you wish will come true. At the entrance of each stairway there are two mythical lion stautues that serve as guards. No lions ever actually existed in Java. The symbole of Prince Sidharta's kingdom in Nepal was the Lion.
Now BOROBUDUR TEMPLE although is not one of the world seven wonders anymore, but for the Indonesian, especially for Javanese peoples, the BOROBUDUR TEMPLE is still immortalized as only a great wonder now and forever as dignity symbole of the javanese civilization.

Tour Operator and Travel Services
BOROBUDUR TOUR INDONESIA is the 24 h x 7 days on-line Indonesian Tour Operator and Travel Services, etablished in 1998in Yogyakarta/Jogja, with operational area in all Indonesia. BOROBUDUR HOLIDAY TOU INDONESIA has experiences in providing local handling services for the international tour operators in Yogyakarta, offers you the excellent tour and travel services to help you travel and tour to visit easier Yogyakarta and others tour destinations in Indonesia such as: tour to Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta/Jogja, Borobudur, Bromo, Kawah Ijen and other tour destinations in Indonesia. BOROBUDUR TOUR offers especially services in:
1.Designing Tour Packages
All tour packages to help you visit easier Yogyakarta and beyond: Jakarta Tour, Yogyakarta/Jogja Tour packages, Borobudur Tour package, Bromo Tour package, Kawah Ijen Tour package, Bali and Lombok Tour Packages .
2.Getting Hotel Accommodations in Yogyakarta.
BOROBUDUR TOUR provides Rooms Reservation for hotel accommodation in Jakarta, Borobudur,Yogyakarta, Bromo, Malang, Ijen, Bali and Lombok.
3.Getting Transport car hire,rent car in Yogyakarta for Borobudur Tour.
BOROBUDUR TOUR provides you the comfortable and safety transport service with all coachs types (car hire, or car rental) in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali and Lombok.
4.Getting Borobudur Tourism Informations.
All tourism information of tours destinations in Indonesia from Jakarta, Borobudur, Yogyakarta, Bromo, Kawah Ijen, Bali and Lombok, with tour arrangments, hotels and villas
Being Tour Operator and Travel Service travel agent and tour operator located in Yogyakarta/Jogja, BOROBUDUR TOUR INDONESIA knows how to serve you better to get the confortable tour, such as: Yogyakarta tour, Borobudur tour, Bromo tour, Kawah Ijen Tour, Bali and Lombok tour. With BOROBUDUR TOUR INDONESIA tour across Indonesia from Jakarta, to Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Mount Bromo, Kawah Ijen, will be more enjoyable and comfortable.

Realise now your travel planning with BOROBUDUR TOUR INDONESIA (Indonesia/Yogyakarta tour operator and travel agent), Get the enjoyable and comfortable tours to Yogyakarta and all Indonesia, enjoy your trip and make it as unforgetable holiday

How To get to Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Get air transport information to get Yogyakarta
- From Denpasar: by Garuda Lion and Airasia
- From Jakarta: by Garuda, Lion Air, Airasia
- From Kuala Lumpur: by Air Asia,
- From Singapore: Silk Air and Airasia at Surakarta Airport, or with Garuda from Jakarta.
- By Cruise Ship from Semarang Port
- By train from Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya
- By Land from all the cities in Jawa Island

Furher information the light schedule at Yogyakarta International Airport Click here!

Golden Borobudur Sunrise Tour (2 Days/1 Night)
view of borobudur templeThe most famous Borobudur tour package is Borobudur Sunrise Tour, a Borobudur tour package to enjoy the golden sunrise on the top of Borobudur Temple. The best time to make maditation during the time to get the pure air on the real nature. The Borobudur Sunrise tour is the tour package to refresh your soul. This followed is the Borobudur tour arrngement that 's combine with Yogyakarta City Tour and Prambanan Temple Tour

Day 1. Arrival at Yogyakarta Airport and Prambanan Temple Tour
Upon arrival in Yogyakarta, meet and greet by your guiide and Prambanan Temple tour to visit the 9th Hindu Temple in Central Java that compound by 3 mains temple dedicated for 3 main gods in Hinduism, direct transfer to Manohara Hotel. Check in Manohara Hotel in the complex of Borobudur temple.

Day 2. Borobudur Surise Tour and Yogyakarta City Tour
Early in the morning, climbing up the Borobudur temple for welcoming the beautiful sunrise. Enjoy the panoramic view of Mt Merapi and Mt Merbabu on the eastrn side of Borobudur temple Then, exploring the story of Buddha Gautama story on the relief (on walk). Back to your hotel for breakfast. After take a rest and breakfast, check out time and than drive to Yogyakarta to explore the city with visit Kraton Yogyakarta, Batik Home Industry and Silversmith Industry with their processing and collection. Drive to local restaurant for having Indonesian Lunch. Than terminated the tour to Adisucipto Yogyakarta Airport for flight home or to hotel in Jogjakarta.

Borobudur Sunrise Tour (07 H)

This is daily departure tour package start from Jogjakarta depart in early in the morning directly to Borobudur Temple. Borobudur Sunrise Tour itinerary is as followed:

03.30 - pick up from your hotel in Jogjakarta transfer directly to Borobudur
04.00 - arrive in Borobudur, after get the entrance ticket at Manohara, climb up to enjoy the sunrise on the third level of Borobudur temple or on the top of Borobudur temple
05.00 - Enjoy the Sunrise, see the magnificent panoramic view around the Borobudur temple
06.00 - visit the temple, see the relief of the Buddha life depicting on the wall of the temple
08.00- back to Manohara to tak light breakfast
08.30 - transfer to Jogjakarta on the way you may stop over on the Mendut temple ( the temple with biggest statue temple)
10.00 - arrive at Hotel In jogjakarta end of service

Tour inclusions
1. Transport with private van air conditioned
2. Entrances fees
3. Tour guide
4. Morning Cafe at Manohara

Best Seller Borobdudur Tour and Yogyakarta Tour (2days/1night)
This Borobudur Tour Package is the simple tour arrngment, allow you visiting the main tour destination in with Yogyakarta Tour, tour to visit Sultan Palace, Prambanan the Hindu Temple and Borobudur Tour The buddhist Temple.

DAY 01 Arrival at Jogjakarta Airport, Borobudur Tour (Visit Borobudur)
Meeting service at airport. Then Tour to Borobudur the biggest buddhidt temple in the world buith at 8th century. Overnight at hotel.

DAY 02 Yogyakarta City Tour Visit and tour to Prambanan
Morning Yogyakarta City Tour visiting Sultan Royal Palace, Water Castle (Taman Sari), Ngasem Bird Market, Batik Home Industry and Silverware at Kota Gede Village. Proceed to most beautiful Hindu temple Prambanan builtat 9th century. Then direct transfer to airport for next destination.
End of Service.....

Borobudur and Yogyakarta One Day Tour (10 H)

This tour organize to visit Borobudur temple, Yogyakarta City Tour to visit where the Sultan Palace are and Prambanan Temple in One day by flight from Jakarta Bali without stay overnight in Jogjakarta, also this tour could be organize from a hotel in Jogjakarta, with the itinerary as followed:

07.00 - Upon arrival at Adi Sucipto Yogyakarta airport, met by your friendly tour guide, drive to the northwest of Jogja (about 42 - kilometers). Find the magnificent Borobudur stands on a hillock with seven square terraces represent the steps of from the earthly realm to the nirvana at the three circular terraces to the biggest mother stupa at top. Thousand reliefs panels here depict the birth, enlightenment, the death Buddha and the journey of Boddhisatwas.
11.00 - Back to Yogya City Tour to visit the Sultan's Palace, Water Castle and drive to local restaurant to have Indonesian buffet lunch and then visit Batik Home Industry, and Silver Smith at Kota Gede.
15.00 - visit Prambanan Temple, the Hindu temple compound by 3 main gods temple Brahma, Siva, Vishnu in this complex, see for yourself sixteen temples stand majestically here. Sequel relief panels of Ramayana epic on carved on the temples’ wall will be another alternative way to find out how skillfully the builders of the temples had been
17.00 - transfer to airport for onward flight.

Have a nice trip! Bon Voyage ! Never visit Indonesia, without visit Yogyakarta /Jogja with its tour operator and travel service, if you think that satisfaction is more important than price, it will be better join BOROBUDUR TOUR

Have a nice Trip with Borobudur Tour Indonesia

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